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How can i write referenceData method with SpringFormController annotations.I have several java.util.Map objects ,Finally i am setting all these objects in coomand object.How to return this object by using Spring Form Controller. Initially I am displaying form using below code:

public String initForm(Model map){

TestDTO test=new TestDTO();
return "test";

public Model setup(Model map,HttpServletRequest request)
   Map testData=testService.getTestData(request)

return model;

How to access testData map object in my jsp page? Regards,


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Your question's title is misleading. Perhaps rename it to something like "Spring controller annotations" or "How to access Spring model objects in jsp" – climmunk May 18 '11 at 17:26

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The map is available to the jsp page as customer.testData; "customer" because that's what you named your ModelAttribute and "testData" because that's what you named it in the model.

<p>Here is your testData: ${customer.testData}</p>
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