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How can I do a bulk upsert in pymongo? I want to Update a bunch of entries and doing them one at a time is very slow.

The answer to an almost identical question is here: Bulk update/upsert in MongoDB?

The accepted answer doesn't actually answer the question. It simply gives a link to the mongo CLI for doing import/exports.

I would also be open to someone explaining why doing a bulk upsert is no possible / no a best practice, but please explain what the preferred solution to this sort of problem is.


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MongoDB 2.6+ has support for bulk operations. This includes bulk inserts, upserts, updates, etc. The point of this is to reduce/eliminate delays from the round-trip latency of doing record-by-record operations ('document by document' to be correct).

So, how does this work? Example in Python, because that's what I'm working in.

>>> import pymongo
>>> pymongo.version

To use this feature, we create a 'bulk' object, add documents to it, then call execute on it and it will send all the updates at once. Caveats: The BSONsize of the collected operations (sum of the bsonsizes) cannot be over the document size limit of 16 MB. Of course, the number of operations can thus vary significantly, Your Mileage May Vary.

Example in Pymongo of Bulk upsert operation:

import pymongo
conn = pymongo.MongoClient('myserver', 8839)
db = conn['mydbname']
coll = db.myCollection
bulkop = coll.initialize_ordered_bulk_op()
retval = bulkop.find({'field1':1}).upsert().update({'$push':{'vals':1})
retval = bulkop.find({'field1':1}).upsert().update({'$push':{'vals':2})
retval = bulkop.find({'field1':1}).upsert().update({'$push':{'vals':3})
retval = bulkop.execute()

This is the essential method. More info available at:

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The answer remains the same: no support for bulk upserts.

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This is very sad. – ComputationalSocialScience Mar 14 '11 at 16:44

You can update all documents that match your query spec using multi=True.

There is a bug here about doing a batch of commands the way you want.

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