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If I have this input string: {post:[matt]}

and I want to get the string where "matt" currently is, I'd use this:

Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("^\\{(.+):[(.+)]\\}$")
Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher("{post:[matt]}");
    if(matcher.matches()) {
        // pattern matches input string
        String str1 = matcher.group(2);

But if I had a string like this: {post:[matt,13-mar-2011,hello]}

how would I get the strings "matt", "13-mar-2011" and "hello" - when there may be a variable number of them? If it was just 3 it would be easy.

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You can try the find function, its supposed to find next match and next and next... I dont know if you will have to modify your pattern or not.


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