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I'm looking for a standard way to name components in my Flex application. For example, all TextFields begin with "txt" in their ID attribute (i.e., "txtFirstName"). Rather than re-invent the wheel, is anyone familiar with a list of prefix naming conventions that I can use?

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There is no prefix convention that Adobe recommends since they use the full name of the component in a component instance name.

For instance: usernameTextInput, userComboBox, etc.

If you want to incorporate the type into the name, make it the last “word”. Don't use the old ActionScript 1 convention of concatenating abbreviated type suffixes such as _mc to indicate type. For example, name a border Shape border, borderSkin, or borderShape, but not border_mc.

More info:

If you really want to use prefixes, you might want to use the VB prefixes:

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Check out Adobe's Flex Coding Conventions document. Most of the flex code you see stays pretty true to this coding standard.

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