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this is my first stackoverflow question.

I am building an app that gets posted an email from SendGrid, which I then want to parse in a delayed job.

My concern is how do I QA this. I have been reading about Cucumber and that sounds like a good solution but I can't figure out the end to end test flow.

Here's where I am so far.

  1. I want to have a large list of TXT files that include various types of email body's
  2. I then iterate through each txt file, and make sure that when passed to a method in my lib directory /mailingjob.rb, that what is returned matches something defined in cucumber.

So what I have so far is something like:

expected = File.open('???/mail1.txt', 'r') do |f|

That's where I'm starting. So if you can, please help me understand the following:

  1. Where should all these TXT files be located in the rails project directory?
  2. One e2e example showing how to grab a local text file, pass it to a method in the /lib directory, and then make sure what is returned equals what is set for that file path.

Thank you thank you for any help you can provide

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Hi Zabba thank you for the edit. Did you change something? (I'm new) –  ColdTree Mar 13 '11 at 21:54
Yes, I removed "(newbie)" from the question title. –  Zabba Mar 13 '11 at 21:59

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  1. I would probably store these files somewhere in your test or spec directory (depending on what testing framework you use; you mentioned Cucumber, which I'm not super familiar with, but I think it uses a directory called features). Really, you could put them anywhere you want, but some subdirectory of your test directory makes sense.

  2. If you're not familiar with testing with Cucumber, I recommend Railscast episode 155 and episode 159 to get you started. To answer your direct question, you would read the email from the text file as such

    email_text = File.read("#{Rails.root}/test/path/to/email.txt")

    Rails.root always refers to the root directory for your project, and makes it easy to build paths to other files or folders.

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Thanks Brandon, but that talks about #1, any thoughts on #2, How to then use these TXT files, pass to a method, and see if the return equals some set response per that text file? –  ColdTree Mar 13 '11 at 22:33
Well, how you go about that depends on the testing framework you're using. At it's simplest you could do something like parsed_email = MyEmailParser.parse(email_text) and then check to see if parsed_email is what you think it should be. That part is up to you! Learning a testing framework like RSpec or Cucumber will put you on the right track. That's why I recommended the screencasts. –  BinaryMuse Mar 13 '11 at 22:39
Thanks, I've watched those and read the RSPEC book from start to finish but they don't cover the use case above. Pretty typical, and something you can usually overcome with experience on a technology, I just don't have that experience yet with cucumber. which is why I was hoping for some help :) –  ColdTree Mar 14 '11 at 2:05

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