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I'm trying to populate my DB with geographical places of my country. One of my tables have 4 fields: ID[PK], latitude. longitude ande geoPoint

EDIT `SCDBs`.`Punto_Geografico`;

SET @lat = 18.469692;

SET @lon = -63.93212;

SET @g = 'POINT(@lat @lon)';

UPDATE Punto_Geografico SET latitude = @lat, longitude =@lon, geoPoint =@g WHERE idpunto_geografico = 0;

im getting the following error: Error Code: 1416 Cannot get geometry object from data you send to the GEOMETRY field

I'm pretty sure that 'geoPoint' field is a POINT field with a spatial index. Am i missing anything.14

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Try doing it without assigning your values to server values. Especially if they contain function calls. MySQL treats the the contents of the vars as plain text and won't see that there's a function call in there.

UPDATE ... SET latitude=18, longitute=-63, geoPoint=POINT(18 -63) WHERE ...
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For some reason: UPDATE Punto_Geografico SET latitude = 18.469692, longitude = -63.93212, geoPoint =PoinT(18.469692, -63.93212) WHERE idpunto_geografico = 0; It says that it was succesful updating but i dont see any values in the geoPoint Column. Also i did a "," inside the POINT statement only way that worked. –  Luis D Urraca Mar 13 '11 at 23:07
Apparently in MySQL I cannot see what's inside the geometry column however if i use SELECT AsText(*) ... i can see point information. –  Luis D Urraca Mar 14 '11 at 1:55
This doesn't work, the answer by FattyPotatoes is correct. The POINT() needs to be represented as a string and wrapped with the GeomFromText() function. –  Adam Oct 4 at 13:42

You need to use this syntax:

UPDATE ... SET latitude=18, longitute=-63, geoPoint=GeomFromText('POINT(18 -63)') WHERE ...
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