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I am trying to get a jar file under this path /usr/test/ but i only have a user id other than root. So after I issue wget ftp://mike:passw0rd@xyz.test.com:/usr/test/getme.txt

the code return: TYPE I ... done. ==> CWD 'mike.'/usr/test/... No such directory `usr/test/'.

I believe the problem is after I ftp in as mike, by default I am in the mike personal directory... The question will be how to use wget and do this task though.

Please help!!! Thanks.

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Can you get to that location using another FTP client? That is, is this just a wget problem? –  Scott W Feb 9 '09 at 18:51

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The site you are ftping from has set it so that user accounts are "chrooted", so they can only access their home directory and below. You have to change the FTP server configuration if you can.

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wget ftp://mike:passw0rd@xyz.test.com:/usr/test/getme.txt

This should work: wget ftp://mike:passw0rd@xyz.test.com//usr/test/getme.txt

(note the double //)

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Sometimes wget ftp://mike:passw0rd@xyz.test.com:/../../../../usr/test/getme.txt works.

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