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enter image description hereHi All, I have stuck in an error for a long time and cant figure out what it is . I am using CMarkup class (xml Parser) for parsing XML files which works perfectly in VC++ . When I move that into QT it started throwing some strange error which is hard for me to fix.It says

iconv.h: no such file or director
expected; before cd , etc.

I checked the CMArkup website where it says

The MARKUP_ICONV mode is currently automatically selected in g++ based on the GNUC predefined macro. Again, you can turn off iconv usage by adding MARKUP_STDCONV to your project preprocessor definitions, or on the command line with -DMARKUP_STDCONV. g++ main.cpp Markup.cpp MarkupTest.cpp -DMARKUP_STDCONV

I tried everything but still probem exist. Have anyone got into similar problem who can help me fixing this .

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I am currently using Windows :) – Verve Innovation Mar 14 '11 at 2:25
To clarify: the image shows the iconv.h problem solved by defining MARKUP_WINCONV, but still having the fseeko and swprintf problems which can be solved with the #if defined changes in your comment below. Thanks for following up. Note: CMarkup 11.5+ won't require these workarounds. – Ben Bryant Apr 10 '11 at 17:01

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If you want to add the definition to your Qt project, add this line to your .pro file:

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thanks for your answer .I used Markup_winconv which solved that error .But they throws some additional errors like the one showed above in Markup. Attached a screen shot to the question .Do u have any idea – Verve Innovation Mar 15 '11 at 0:26
ANSWER TO OTHER ERRORS : The fseeko and ftello might be solved by changing Markup.h:218 to #if defined(GNUC_ZNIX) so that it will actually define MCD_FSEEK as fseek etc. For the swprintf problem, find the following in Markup.h: #if defined(GNUC) #define MCD_SSZ(sz) sz,(sizeof(sz)/sizeof(MCD_CHAR)) And change the GNUC to GNUC_ZNIX as follows: #if defined(GNUC_ZNIX) #define MCD_SSZ(sz) sz,(sizeof(sz)/sizeof(MCD_CHAR)) – Verve Innovation Apr 5 '11 at 0:22

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