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has_attached_file :asset,
:path => ":rails_root/public/system/:class/:id_partition/:style/:basename.:extension", 
:url => "/system/:class/:id_partition/:style/:basename.:extension"

I have the above code in my model. This makes a path like /public/system/uploads/000/000/001, where 1 would be the id number of the record. Now the directory contains the original image but it also contains a thumbnail as well. When I want to delete the record the original file gets deleted but the directory remains, since the thumbnail still exists in the directory. How do I go about deleting the directory entirely?

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You could create an observer with rails g observer Upload and make it look like

class UploadObserver < ActiveRecord::Observer
  observe Upload

  def before_destroy(record)
    FileUtils.rm_rf File.dirname(Upload.find(record).upload.path)

and remember to register the observer in application.rbwith config.active_record.observers = :upload_observer

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