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I'm trying to make a digital clock. One of the problems with it is that the display will "flicker". In other words the wx.StaticText widget (self.ST in this case), will go blank for very short periods. I believe the cause may find it's root in how self.ST updates (ie, SetLabel()). Is there a way to provide smoother transitions, in an effort to stop the flickering?

This is the function where self.ST is updated:

def tick (self):
    ''' Continually updates the time. '''

    TimeStr = '%I:%M %S %p'
    DateStr = '%A, %B %d, %Y'

    Time = time.strftime(TimeStr)
    Date = time.strftime(DateStr)

    self.TimeDate =  Time + '\t\t' + Date


    wx.CallLater(1000, self.tick)
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What happens is that it takes more than one monitor refresh to update the text or it happens in just the inappropriate time in regards to the hsync.

As it is, StaticText does not give you the low level control necessary to deal with this.

What you can do is use a BufferedDC and DrawText, or maybe take a look at LEDNumberCtrl.

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Incorrect. As @Oleksiy's answer describes, you just have to call .SetDoubleBuffered(True) on the parent-object of the StaticText. – Fake Name Jan 22 '14 at 3:36

One way to fix the flickering is to enable double buffering in the top container for your widget. Normally this is done by calling self.SetDoubleBuffered(True) within the initialiser, for example within Panel container for your StaticText class.

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This fixes the issue. The other answer (doing your own drawing) is gross overkill for the problem. You can also call SetDoubleBuffered directly on the panel, rather then having to override the initializer, e.g. self.statusReadoutPanel.SetDoubleBuffered(True). – Fake Name Jan 22 '14 at 3:35

I think you may use wx.Timer instead Please check wxpython demo and wx.Timer-class

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