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I recently saw an interview online test question that I need help with. This is not a question for a job I'm interviewing for, I was just curious about the answer. Thanks in advance.

 #include <iostream>
    class Foo

    void staff(Foo& f)
        std::out << f << endl; // output Foo object f

The question was:

What operators need to be defined in order to show object properly?

  1. std::ostream& operator <<(std::ostream&) as a member function of class Foo

  2. std::streambuf& operator << (std::ostream&, Foo const&) as a stand alone, overloaded operator.

  3. void << operator<<(std::ostream& , Foo const&) as a stand alone, overloaded

  4. std::ostream& operator << (std::ostream&, Foo const&) as a stand alone, overloaded

  5. void std::operator<<(std::ostream&) as a memeber function of class Foo

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(comments out-of-hand; removed) –  Marc Gravell Mar 14 '11 at 8:03

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std::ostream& operator << (std::ostream&, Foo const&);

You should define operator<< with the above signature.

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@Downvoter: Why downvote? –  Nawaz Mar 14 '11 at 3:24
I agree. And I don't know why the question was closed either. It seems perfectly applicable to any C++ programmer. –  dappawit Mar 14 '11 at 3:28

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