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In Flash CS5 I have a button with an instance name "btn", which is made up of movie clips with instance names "mv1" and "mv2".

The question is: can I use gotoAndStop or something similar on the movie clips inside the button from the stage in which the button is instantiated. In pseudocode:

btn.mv1.gotoAndStop(3); btn.mv2.gotoAndStop(7);

This is likely to be a very basic question, but the one I could not find any information on in the last half an hour.

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Didn't really work out with buttons, so swapped it for a movie and everything worked fine. –  aulme Mar 14 '11 at 17:36

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Probably yes, if btn happens to be a MovieClip. For (almost?) any other display class (DisplayObject, DisplayObjectContainer, Sprite etc) this will fail in compilation.

If your compiler refuses to run your code, try this:

var mv1:MovieClip = btn.getChildByName("mv1") as MovieClip;
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Yes you can.

btn.mv1.gotoAndStop(3); will work perfectly fine.

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