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In my code "

NoMethodError (Attempt to call private method): app/controllers/project_evaluations_controller.rb:94:in `calculate'"

occurs. SampleCode : For Controller :: Index & Show Method is not mentioned.

class ProjectEvaluationsController < ApplicationController
  skip_before_filter :verify_authenticity_token, :only => [:index, :show]
  def calculate
    @project_id = params[:id]
    @costs_last_calculated =
    @total_internal_hours = 10
    @total_external_hours = 20
    @project_evaluation.update(:internal_hours => @total_internal_hours, :external_hours => @total_external_hours, :costs_last_calculated => @costs_last_calculated)
        render :action=>"show"

Routes :

  resources :project_evaluations do
      match "calculate", :on => :collection

Suggest any solution !!!

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update is a private method for Active Record objects in Rails. You want to use update_attributes instead.

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Where does @project_evaluation come from? Is the update method there something you defined? That doesn't exist as a method on instances of ActiveRecord (at least publicly) so it's possible it thinks you are trying to call a private method of that name, defined in ActiveRecord::Base somewhere. That's the main thing I see that's going on in there that looked wrong. I would change it to @project_evaluation.update_attributes() instead.

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