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Work on C#.I have a list named as InputList .From this list I have to search Some string.After search I want to select all item between the search parameter.Bellow picture discribe in detail.

Text Input File: enter image description here

Collection : enter image description here

After read the textFile I store data in dataset then,convert the dataset as collection .From this collection i want to get valuse between the search parameters.

I write the bellow syntax but r3 result can not satisfy me.

var InputList = (from p in ds.Tables["InputFile"].Rows.Cast<DataRow>().ToArray() select p.ItemArray).ToList();

            var r3 = (from c in InputList
                      where c.Any(e => e.ToString().Contains("Loading")) 
                      select c).ToList();

If have any query plz ask.Thanks in advance.

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What result did you get and what did you expect? –  Albin Sunnanbo Mar 14 '11 at 5:52
syntax is given ,Hope you get what's the output of r3.I already describe what i want? –  shamim Mar 14 '11 at 6:19
What do you mean by "between the search parameters" ? –  Nasmi Sabeer Apr 6 '11 at 17:01

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To get the results between queries, the SkipWhile() and TakeWhile() would work (both have variants that give the index to the predicate), but I don't think that is quite what you want given your image.

var loadingIndexes = InputList.Select((r, i) => new { Row=row, Index=i })
                              .Where(x => x.Row.Any(e =>
                              .Select(x => x.Index);
var betweenLines = loadingIndexes
                       .Select(i => InputList
                           .TakeWhile(r => !r.Any(e =>

Here betweenLines is a List of Lists of DataRows, where each list is between a DataRow containing the string "Loading" (inclusive) and the next `DataRow" containing the string "FULL" (exclusive).

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