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I'm using Eclipse, but sometimes for quick php/js fixes I use notepad++. I'm looking for alternatives. Can anyone recommend something? I use Windows 7.

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Knowing why you don't like/can't use Notepad++ would help us focus our answers better. – lavinio Mar 14 '11 at 5:33
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If you've heard of/are interested in Textmate then e provides a reasonable editor on windows. Ultraedit is also popular.

I personally use gvim on windows and highly recommend learning the basics of gvim or emacs since it is really useful knowledge when you have to logon to a linux server and do everything via the terminal.

You also might want to check out the answers to these other questions:

Good text editor for Windows?

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Programmer's Notepad is a nice alternative to Notepad++, depending on what one is looking for.

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I have the same problem at the moment. Komodo edit, dreamweaver, aptana (suite or plugin to eclipse), netbeans, bluefish, etc

I choose eclipse, and integrate with plugin of aptana and sdk of android.

All in one, is my choice

Anyway you have commercial alternatives like zend or phpdesigner

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