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Iam in the process of learning Scala using IntelliJ IDEA 10.0.x with scala plugin and I have found that compiling scala takes more than 10 secs. I know there is a an option to turn on the fast code compilation (FSC) in scala however Iam unaware of how to configure that in IDEA is there any option available.

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After create a scala project in IDEA go Run/Edit Configurations:

  1. Click in +
  2. Select Scala Compilation Server, and give a name to this configuration.
  3. Now press run.
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This helped me !!!!! finally iam done with SBT Idea setup –  prassee Mar 15 '11 at 2:08

After reading "Why does IntelliJ IDEA compile Scala so slowly?", I would rather use IntelliJ IDEA with sbt:

  • idea-sbt plugin: for using the SBT Console tool window to enter SBT commands directly.

Note that sbt cannot use fsc either (in interactive mode).

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