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Since switching to XCode 4, I have been having issues finding how to set environment variables (such a NSZombies) in iPhone executables. In XCode 3, you could right-click on your .app file, select "Get Info" and set environment variables. But it doesn't seem possible to do this in XCode 4. Where is it in the new UI?

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another way would be if you click on the scheme drop down bar -> edit scheme -> arguments tab and then add NSZombieEnabled in the Environment Variables column and YES in the value column...

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Please see this answer: NSZombieEnabled in latest Xcode

EDIT: You can also go to this menu from Product => Edit Scheme

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If you want act on the value of environment variable in your own code, use the following:

NSDictionary *env = [[NSProcessInfo processInfo] environment];

Edit Scheme... / Run / Arguments / Environment is where to go to edit the environment variables for runs from Xcode.

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