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I am developing a project on wordnet-based document summarizer.in that i need to extract collocations. i tried to research as much as I could, but since i have not worked with Mahout before I am having difficulty in understanding how CollocDriver.java works (in API context)

while scouring through the web, i landed on this : Mahout Collocations

this is the problem: i have a POSTagged input text. i need to identify collocations in it.i have got collocdriver.java code..now i need to know how do i use it? whether to use generateAllGrams() method or only generateCollocations() method is enough for my subtask within my summarizer..??

and most importantly HOW to use it? i raise this question coz I admit, i dont know the API well,

i also got a grepcode version of collocdriver the two implementations seem to be slightly different..the inputs are in string for the grepcode version and in the form of Path object in the original...

my questions: what is configuration object in input params and how to use it?? will the source / destn will be in string (as in grepcode) or Path (as in original)?? what will be the output?

i have done some further R & D on collocdriver program...i found out that it uses a sequence file and then vector generation...i wanna know how this sequence file / vector generation works..plz help..

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To get collocation using mahout,u need to follow some simple steps

1) You must make a sequence file from ur input text file.

/bin/mahout seqdirectory -i /home/developer/Desktop/colloc/ -o /home/developer/Desktop/colloc/test-seqdir -c UTF-8 -chunk 5

2)There are two ways to generate collocations from a sequence file.

a)Convert sequence file to sparse vector and find out the collocation
b)Directly find out the collocation from the sequence file (with out creating the sparse vector)

3)Here i am considering choice b.

/bin/mahout org.apache.mahout.vectorizer.collocations.llr.CollocDriver -i /home/developer/Desktop/colloc/test-seqdir -o /home/developer/Desktop/colloc/test-colloc -a org.apache.mahout.vectorizer.DefaultAnalyzer -ng 3 -p

Just check out the output folder,the files u need is over there !!! (in sequence file format)

/bin/mahout seqdumper -s /home/developer/Desktop/colloc/test-colloc/ngrams/part-r-00000 >> out.txt will give u a text output !!!

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