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I am new to the android development . I have tried to connect internet with Android emulator, but i am not able to connect. I have tried following command in cmp.

emulator -avd my_id -http-proxy

emulator -avd my_id -dns-server -http-proxy

And also I have set proxy settings in the emulator (settings -> Wireless & Networks ->Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names). Also , I set proxy settings in eclipse (Windows-> Preferences-> Android-> Launch-> Default Emulator Options).still i am able to get the internet access to the emulator. Please any one give the suggestion. Thanks in advance.

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On the top of the emulator there should be a 3G icon then an icon next too it displaying what would be network strength bars on a normal phone. If some of those bars are not lit up then your emulator may have lost its connection. This happens every once in a while. Try restarting the emulator. If you have already done this try deleting and creating a new emulator. If your computer has an internet connection you shouldn't have to do anything extra to get the connection on the emulator working.

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you can do some extra setting if you are using some proxy server go to setting -> wireless and network -> mobile networks -> acess point name -> click on name -> change there proxy ="", port="8080" and authentication type = none then click on menu button and click on save and restart the emulator . its done.

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