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I've been developing a query to get index fragmentation information using DMVs.

However, the query gives more results than expected. I believe the problem is in joins.

Any thoughts?

select distinct '['+DB_NAME(database_id)+']' as DatabaseName,
    + OBJECT_NAME(ips.object_id)+']' as TableName,
    i.name as IndexName,
    ips.index_type_desc as IndexType,
    avg_fragmentation_in_percent as avg_fragmentation,
    SUM(row_count) as Rows
    sys.indexes i INNER JOIN
    sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats(NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,'LIMITED') ips ON
        i.object_id = ips.object_id INNER JOIN
    sys.tables tbl ON tbl.object_id  = ips.object_id INNER JOIN
    sys.schemas sch ON sch.schema_id = tbl.schema_id INNER JOIN
    sys.dm_db_partition_stats ps ON ps.object_id = ips.object_id
    avg_fragmentation_in_percent <> 0.0 AND ips.database_id = 6
    AND OBJECT_NAME(ips.object_id) not like '%sys%'
GROUP BY database_id, sch.name, ips.object_id, avg_fragmentation_in_percent,
    i.name, ips.index_type_desc
ORDER BY avg_fragmentation_in_percent desc
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I think you need index_id in the joins against sys.dm_db_partition_stats and sys.indexes.

It is probably better to use the first parameter of sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats to filter on db instead of the where clause ips.database_id = 6.

I do not understand the distinct, group by or sum(row_count) clauses.

Here is a query you can try and see if it does what you want.

  db_name(ips.database_id) as DataBaseName,
  object_name(ips.object_id) as ObjectName,
  sch.name as SchemaName,
  ind.name as IndexName,
from sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats(6,NULL,NULL,NULL,'LIMITED') as ips
  inner join sys.tables as tbl
    on ips.object_id = tbl.object_id
  inner join sys.schemas as sch
    on tbl.schema_id = sch.schema_id  
  inner join sys.indexes as ind
    on ips.index_id = ind.index_id and
       ips.object_id = ind.object_id
  inner join sys.dm_db_partition_stats as ps
    on ps.object_id = ips.object_id and
       ps.index_id = ips.index_id
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Thank you Mikeal! Never thought about index id. :) –  Vikas Mar 15 '11 at 3:03

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