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i am trying to extract meta data of a website using the following code ive changed my code a little


<h3>Reading the meta-data tags of website: <?php echo $domain; ?></h3>


  echo 'Read META info<br>';
  $tags = get_meta_tags($domain);

  echo 'Check the result and display it.<br>';

      echo 'Tags is set';

  if (sizeof($tags) == 0){
    echo '<tr><td>No META information was found!</td></tr>';
  echo 'Metadata found !!';


But im not getting any result. I am running this script of my local WAMP server. Where am i going wrong? just looking to find very basic information about a page.

this is the result im getting "Reading the meta-data tags of website: http://www.yahoo.com Read META info Check the result and display it. Tags is setMetadata found !!"

but no output from the print_r($tags)

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Try a print_r($tags); to begin with. – Andre Backlund Mar 14 '11 at 8:38
i used it... no result just the echo statements. – user434885 Mar 14 '11 at 9:16
See if you get any data at all from remote hosts by using file_get_contents('yahoo.com'); Perhaps you have some kind of firewall. – Andre Backlund Mar 14 '11 at 10:58

for me it works fine. Maybe you don't have curl enabled ? Can you provide us your phpinfo output?

Just create phpinfo.php file with the following code inside:


If there will be no word about curl, you need to open your php.ini file, find the ;extension=php_curl.dll line and uncomment it (by removing the ; char)

then restart your apache

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there is even an easiest way to check if curl is enabled. In the same file, replace phpinfo() with var_dump(curl_version()). If there will be some errors, it means that you don't have it enabled :) – mbajur Mar 14 '11 at 8:54
curl was not enabled, so i enabled it but still no result, i also tried print_r($tags); but still no result :/ – user434885 Mar 14 '11 at 9:15
please add a error_reporting(E_ALL); line at the beginning of your file (just after <?php) and check if there are no errors – mbajur Mar 14 '11 at 9:18
oh, and have you restarted apache? – mbajur Mar 14 '11 at 9:20
ive done all of that, ive changed the code a bit $tags is getting set and its size is greater than 0 but no output :( – user434885 Mar 14 '11 at 9:29

It should work just fine, try to debug row-by-row using print_r($tags) . Anyway if it reads well, then you should be able to get for example the keywords like this:

$kws = explode(",",$meta['keywords']);
for ($i=0;$i<count($kws);$i++)
    $kws[$i] = ltrim($kws[$i]);
    $kws[$i] = rtrim($kws[$i]);
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@bajki is right, curl must be enabled. – Ervin Mar 14 '11 at 8:45
how should i implement this code ? – user434885 Mar 14 '11 at 9:32

For yahoo.com and google.com you will not get any meta tags. I also tried but i dnt know why may be this sites works as search engine.

 $tags = get_meta_tags('http://sitename.com/');

 echo $tags['keywords'];    
 echo $tags['description'];  

This code works for other sites in which meta tags are mentioned.

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