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I want to pass comma seperated values in filter query (fq) of solr response, currently when i want to pass multiple categories i use OR operator. like this fq=categoryId:3 OR categoryId:55 OR categoryId:34

is there any solution to pass values like fq=categoryId:3,55,34

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fq=categoryId:(3 55 34) should work if your default operator is OR. Else, try fq=categoryId:(3 OR 55 OR 34). This is called Field Grouping in the Lucene query syntax. (Solr supports the full Lucene syntax as documented here.)

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if your field for filter query is of type text or string, you can also use fq=categoryId:(IN 3 55 34 44) as well. But IN operator will not work with integer fileds or other then string/text fields.

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