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I want to make a toggle function in gvim that would turn on/off scrollbar and wrap option.

There is no problem for toggling wrap option. I simply use set wrap!. To change horizontal scrollbar setting I need to check the value of wrap option or guioptions.

The question is how to read value of wrap or guioptions? Do you have some other hits?

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I took the liberty of changing the title of your question because it appears that what you wanted was accessing settings as if they are variables. –  Benoit Mar 14 '11 at 9:24

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You can use &setting to access the value of a vim setting. See :help expr-option.

Here you can thus do:

if &guioptions =~# 'a'

=~# in vimscript does case-sensitive regex matching.

Similarly, if you wanted to check if an option is not set,

if &guioptions !~# 'a'

If you want to temporary save a setting:

let oldwrap=&wrap
set nowrap
... (your script assuming nowrap)
let &wrap=oldwrap
unlet oldwrap
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I don't think you need the .*'s above. Just &guioptions =~# 'a' by itself will match any guioptions with an 'a' in it. –  Mu Mind Mar 6 '13 at 3:38

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