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Which tool for linux to create requirements and user stories can you recommend me?

I want to start with something like explained here, but was wondering is there a better way.


I guess I could also use just a text editor to write requirements.

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freemind is a mindmapper. –  Satya Mar 14 '11 at 9:48

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I often start just putting down stories into a text document. I put symbols like o, v, x in front of each story to track its status (o = a small circle, where I can put a checkmark meaning "open" or "todo", v = a checkmark meaning "Done", x = crossed out (will not be done).


v As an admin I want to add users so that some else can use the tool
o As an user I want to login to be able to see protected content
x As an user I want to get a gold badge to show off how great I'm

If a text file is not enough anymore, I usually move my stories to PivotalTracker.

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