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Hi guys im new to android development and i need help on retriving data.

Im working on audio files. In database i have 2 columns one is text the other is destination of the audio file.

1-) User enters text: ''welcome to Android' 2-) And i get that text and put in an array like this:

my_array[0] = welcome; my_array[1] = to; my_array[2] = Android;

3-) Then with loop it must bring destination of these texts' audio files (which is in the raw folder) (welcome.mp3, to.mp3 , android.mp3 ...) 4-) Then play these audios .

How can i do that ? thanks

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Download the Zip file from this link and Take a look at Notepad Application

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thanks for your helping Venkatesh. i have one question. in step 3, how can i call audio file ? it is in the raw material. thanks. – wseries Mar 14 '11 at 13:45
static MediaPlayer mpBackground = new MediaPlayer(); mpBackground = MediaPlayer.create(this,; mpBackground.start(); Try this... – Venky Mar 14 '11 at 14:10

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