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hi I am very new for TCL. Just i want to know that how to write TCL procedures without argument and how to call and how to execute it.

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To write a procedure that doesn't take any arguments, do this:

proc someName {} {
    # The {} above means a list of zero formal arguments
    puts "Hello from inside someName"

To call that procedure, just write its name:


If it was returning a value:

proc example2 {} {
    return "some arbitrary value"

Then you'd do something with that returned value by enclosing the call in square brackets and using that where you want the value used:

set someVariable [example2]

To execute it... depends what you mean. I assume you mean doing so from outside a Tcl program. That's done by making the whole script (e.g., theScript.tcl) define the procedure and do the call, like this:

proc example3 {} {
    return "The quick brown fox"
puts [example3]

That would then be run something like this:

tclsh8.5 theScript.tcl
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You can define a procedure like this:

proc hello_world_proc {} {
  puts "Hello world"

And you can execute it by simply writing:


If you want to use a return value of the procedure, you can do:

# Procedure declaration
proc hello_world_proc2 {} {
  return "Hello world"

# Procedure call
puts [hello_world_proc2]
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proc myProc {} {
    # do something

# call proc
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Procedure is a set of statements which is being preapeated in a program.


proc <Name> {INPUTS} {


proc add {m n} {
    set s 0
    set s [expr $m + $n]
    return $s

#Main Program Starts Here

set x 2
set y 3
set Result [add $x $y]
puts "$Result"

In the above example....in procedure we have provide a name (add) to the set of statements which can be call in the main program.

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Syntax of procedure

proc <Name Of procedure> {No of arguments, if u want don't need simply left empty} { 

Let See the Example:

  1. Without Arguments:

    proc Hello_eg { } { puts "Hello I M In procedure" }

how to run this:

step 1: write tclsh on prompt

step 2: write the procedure as per above mention

step 3: write just the procedure name (i.e Hello_eg) to run the procedure

2.With Arguments:

proc Hello_Arg { first second }
puts "The first argument is: $first"
puts "The Second argument is: $second"

how to run this:

step 1: write tclsh on prompt

step 2: write the procedure as per above mention

step 3: write just the procedure name with arguments (i.e Hello_Arg Ramakant Singla) to run the procedure

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