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I am trying to use a Button in an AlertDialog to view a webpage.

The problem is that this AlertDialog is located inside a class that extends ItemizedOverlay and doesn't extend Activity, so Eclipse underlines it and gives the following error:

The method startActivity() is undefined for the type new DialogInterface.OnClickListener(){}

I would like to launch activities from the PositiveButton, NeutralButton and NegativeButton, but I am not able to.

In case you need more context, the main Activity is a MapView with some ItemizedOverlay, and I would like to launch a webpage with directions or another activity that does that.

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Wow, that was fast... Thank you very much, it worked perfectly!! I actually had a Context in my class, so I just had to use it with the new Intent. Thank you all, guys!! – JoanG Mar 14 '11 at 11:44
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Construct a constructor in the class which contains your alert with Context object as a parameter. Assign it to a Context variable.

Use this context variable for creating the intent.

Intent intent = new Intent(mContext, "Your next activity to be shown");//mContext is the Context variable over here.
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Actually the answer is provided by you in your question. i.e startActivity is undefined in ClickListener functions. so in oncreate function, initialize a Global variable like

Activity myActivity = this;

then in onclicklistener, start another activity from this.


This could be one answer.

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Take a look at this

In these you write your desired code inside the Positive Button,You can start an Activity by using Intent..

startActivity(new Intent (YouPage.this,NewPage.class));
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Pass context of the activity in constructor of that class and create a field of type activity and store context in that activity and then


Activity activityClass;

and initialize it from your constructor

and start activity from that activiytClass


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If you have the context say context.startActivity();

if you dont have context try to get it from getContext(); or getApplicationContext(); or getBaseContext();

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