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If I run Export-SPWeb against a share point site does it has an affect on the site apart from slowing it down potential. can people still read and edit the site?

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Yes people can still use (read/update) it depending on which parameters you specify.

You can prevent access by using GradualDelete parameter. When this parameter is used, the site collection is marked as deleted, which immediately prevents any further access to its content. The data in the deleted site collection is then deleted gradually over time by a timer job instead of all at once, which reduces its impact on the performance of farm servers and SQL Server.

The NoFileCompression parameter lets you specify that no file compression is performed during the export process. Using this parameter can lower resource usage up to 30% during the export process. Using this parameter will result in a backup folder being created instead of a compressed file. If you use the NoFileCompression parameter in the Export-SPWeb command, you must also use it when you import the content by using the Import-SPWeb command.

More on MSDN.

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I think GradualDelete is for Export-SPSite not Export-SPWeb – Tom Resing Jun 28 '11 at 21:18
There is no Export-SPSite command - only Export-SPWeb, I assume you're referring to the Backup-SPSite command. However, neither command has a GradualDelete function: – Mark Jan 26 '15 at 12:59

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