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i am implementing the Zend Regex Routing, and i have to perform multiple checks for the url. For example, if this is my url:


and this is my regex condition in my bootstrap file, which matches when the url does not contain "login":

$router->addRoute('ui', new Zend_Controller_Router_Route_Regex(
        'module'     => 'mod1',
        'controller' => 'cont1',
        'action'     => 'action1'
    array( )

Now i also want to identify the pattern: ([^-]*)/([^-]*)/([^-]*) from the url for knowing the module, controller and action, so that i can route to it.

How can it be achieved ?

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I know absoluely nothing about Zend, but the regex:



entire match: "http://localhost/application/public/index.php/module/controller/action", from 0 to 70
- group(1) = "module"
- group(2) = "controller"
- group(3) = "action"

on the input:


The part (?=((?!login/).)*$) makes sure there is no login/ in the string, and ([^-/]*)/([^-/]*)/([^-/]*)/?$ grabs the last three .../ before the end of the input ($).


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Thanks for the workaround. However i cant identify the appropriate module, controller and action, if i dont specify them in the url. Hence i am using this hack in my bootstrap file: $front->setParam('useDefaultControllerAlways', true); Now if a request cant be dispatched, it will route to the default module controller (I have specified a default module in my config file :) –  shasi kanth Mar 15 '11 at 7:49

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