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Hi I need to find a Technical Documentation Template, with the list of needed points and the best order to show them in a document, actually I have so many things to show and I would want to put them in a good order.


  1. Introduction
  2. Architecture Overview
  3. Use Cases
  4. Deployment Diagram
  5. User Interface
  6. Data View
  7. Examples
  8. Validations
  9. Know Bugs

Can anyone give me an advice ?

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Technical authoring is very broad and is an art, not a science. There is no "best order", because it always depends on your audience, your content and the purpose of your writing.

It's useful to develop a house style if you require consistency, so long as the house style is kept within its intended domain.

Excellent (computer related) examples are the OpenBSD manpages (brief, correct and rather droll) and the GNU Emacs manual and its related Texinfo and Org manuals. All of these are on the web.

There are many competing and complementary models of how to write content, such as:

  • DITA's information typing and its associated modular style
  • DocBook's approach, which is more about print
  • the traditional model used by national standards bodies: requirements in specs ("shall"), guidance in codes of practice and guides ("should"), etc.
  • first person imperative instructions
  • minimalism, which is about using documentation as a jumping off point for the readers' tasks.

But much better than any model or template is good writing.

Write with a bit of sparkle, be clear, use your own voice, and keep the reader in mind.

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Thanks for the answer. I've to mention that I focused my documentation style using some UML diagrams but not the whole Unified Process (Because sometimes is too much)... Probably no one will read that kind of documents in a real world.. –  MadMad666 Apr 10 '13 at 22:35

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