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Hi guys i want to create a OCR in Actionscript 3. At first i thought that i would create a neural network in AS3. But, it's very difficult. Any guidelines on how to proceed would be helpful.

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I found this:

If you go to the ZeezSample.fla you need to change the main stage class to ZeezSample. It was set to a non-existent file thus the .fla was useless. With that tweak you can see the algo at work. I'm trying to find a way to trim this down and simply recognize a few basic numbers in a flash bitmap / bitmapdata pulled from a webcam.


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I will take a look into it. Thanks for the information. –  karthick Nov 9 '12 at 4:58

You could use Alchemy and find a C/C++ library which you would then wrapp for AS3.

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Oh i tried that...had lot of problems with bytearray manipulation –  karthick Mar 14 '11 at 14:00
ok, so, give us some more info. What is your use case? etc...But basically, I don't know of any OCR library implemented in AS3, and doubt you might find one. Basically, I would delegate the task to any existing OCR library that you can interact through a CLI. Then, if your project is Air you can wrapp it with the app on install and use the new native features. If is an online app, then i.e. have PHP exec a call to it. –  goliatone Mar 14 '11 at 15:05

I found this one, but I never tried it:

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