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I am hoping to create an iPad app to do the following:

Download data from a user's machine/local server Encrypt this data and store it securely on the iPad Provide an API so that others can write specially signed apps that query this API to access the secure data.

Its is the last requirement I am starting to think is "impossible". Does anybody know whether it is possible or not and if not of any solutions?


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If you want to share data between applications, a good solution is to create a custom clipoard type, and have both applications access it.

You can also write your data in a file, and ask iOS to open that file in another application. This other application will then open and decrypt the contents of this file.

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The data is going to be sensitive and so storing it as a file that something else opens is not going to be a viable solution. Is there no way to communicate between apps at all then? –  pbattisson Mar 14 '11 at 13:54
I don't think there is a solution other than creating a file or clipboard type. The latter may be read by other applications. You could also have a look at custom url schemes. Another problem is that the communication will work one way. I don't think you can have an application query another and get an answer. –  Thomas Mar 14 '11 at 13:59

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