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My iPhone App needs to be able to update and delete Photos and Videos on the phone. After seeing the new ALAssetLibrary class I was pretty excited, but now that I'm knee deep in it I'm starting to realize that perhaps Photos and Videos can not be manipulated in the ways I expect.

Just to confirm, is there really no way to update or delete Photos and Videos on iOS, or am I just using the wrong APIs?

I was able to have complete control over Contacts even back before iOS4, and I noticed there's a new API for accessing Calendars now too. Will I be able to update and delete Calendars like I can with Contacts, or should I expect it to give me a hard time like Photos are?


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There is no way to manipulate existing photos or videos using ALAssetsLibrary, the only thing you can do is save a new photo/video to the Camera Roll.

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Presumably, there is no way to do this from any other API as well? Do you have any idea if I will run into this same issue with Calendar events? –  Tyler Mar 14 '11 at 13:55
Found my second part answer here; forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=996952 –  Tyler Mar 14 '11 at 14:03
Can we not save photos in other albums/ or create new albums and save photos in that? –  Nikita P Dec 18 '12 at 10:26
@NikitaP: I believe they have made saving to other albums available in an IOS version newer than March 2011, yes. –  Anomie Dec 18 '12 at 13:42
can i delete the photo using the avassetlibray from my photos library ? –  Rushabh Mar 15 '13 at 12:55

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