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I'm attempting to write a StructureMap plugin scanner for Payment Gateway implementations. I have created an IPaymentGateway interface in an external library. I have created several implementations of IPaymentGateway and put those .dlls in my C:\Extensions\ folder.

Here is my StructureMap configuration:

         ObjectFactory.Initialize(cfg =>
            cfg.Scan(scanner =>

Here is my calling code:

var list = ObjectFactory.GetAllInstances<IPaymentGateway>().ToList();
list.ForEach(item => Console.WriteLine(item.FriendlyName));

I would expect that the list should contain each of my implementations of IPaymentGateway, but it doesn't contain anything. What am I missing?


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You need to add the types using the scanner:

ObjectFactory.Initialize(cfg => {
    cfg.Scan(scanner =>
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Weird, I swear I did that before and it didn't make a difference. Now it works. Must be those darn gremlins again. – Mike Cole Mar 14 '11 at 15:26

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