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I currently have a thread that spawns and either pulls the next command off a queue and executes it or sleep for a bit and try again. However I do not want it to run if there are no more commands in the queue and there are no more activities alive in the application.

My question is what route should I investigate, and which routes might have other people taken?

  1. Refactoring the service to only handle commands as they come in, and not spawning a thread
  2. having a third condition in my thread (if !activityCount = 0 stop thread)

Or, do I have it wrong and android can terminate my thread automagically if there are no more activities bound to it?

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There is a way to create a service that is stopped "automagically": see the Bound Services page in the Dev Guide:

A bound service typically lives only while it serves another application component and does not run in the background indefinitely.

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haha, thanks. I will look at this article I must have missed it. I am binding my activity but the point is I want the application to finish io to the servers even if a user is moving on to other applications. –  Tom Fobear Mar 14 '11 at 16:45

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