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I want to implement an object that behaves like an array. It should be used in this way:

$var = new CustomCollection(retrieveFromWebService());
echo $var[0]; // legal
$var[0] = 'a'; // illegal

Can this be done in PHP, using magic methods or another mechanism?

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possible duplicate of PHP object like array –  Felix Kling Mar 14 '11 at 14:31
@Felix: Oops, yes, sorry. –  Eduardo León Mar 14 '11 at 14:33

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Your CustomCollection class will need to implement the built-in ArrayAccess interface.

See also: http://code.google.com/p/phpraise/source/browse/trunk/phpraise/core/collection/RaiseCollection.php

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Is it possible to "partially implement" an interface? –  Eduardo León Mar 14 '11 at 14:31
nope. An interface requires the class to implement all of its methods unless the implementation is an interface or abstract class. –  mauris Mar 14 '11 at 14:49

I think ArrayAccess is what you are looking for.

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