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There are short code snippets I often use during my Rails script/console sessions, like e.g.

>> app.get 'admin/login'
>> app.response.body
# look up 'authenticity_token' in the login form's HTML
>> login_data = { "authenticity_token" => "token_value",
                  "username" => "admin",
                  "password" => "admin_password" }
>> app.post 'admin/login', login_data

I'd like to make a helper method / extension for the console so I'd just use

>> app.admin_logon

What are the possible solutions to accomplish this?

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You can define helper functions in the file ~/.irbrc. This will affect all of your irb sessions, not just rails console sessions, so you may have to conditionally execute some helpers:

if defined? Rails
  [helper code here...]
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