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I would like to send a windows service program to our client that does not have InstallUtil (no rights to distribute) and this one will be multiple installations in the same machine.

I found something at this point: Inno Setup for Windows service?

But I am not clear how to:

  • add the InnoSetup script and where to add this script?
  • For the if and else: System.Environment.UserInteractive? if a service is not installed, then it will be going inside this if?

Thanks in advance.

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I have provided a step-by-step solution for how to add command-line install/uninstall to your Windows service using C#. This solution lets you avoid requiring the use of InstallUtil.

How to make a .NET Windows Service start right after the installation?

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THis works great! Thanks a lot! Do you have any idea why Console.Writeline("ALALA") does not print to the screen? Thanks in advance –  olidev Mar 15 '11 at 14:50
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You need to add an installer to your service setup project, and a custom action. This article will get you started.

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