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I have table:

name | surname | project | dates | hours
aaa aaaa 1 12.08.2011 10
aaa aaaa 1 13.08.2011 8
aaa aaaa 1 14.08.2011 7

And i need result like this:

name | surname | project | dates | hours | dates | hours | dates | hours | total
aaa aaaa 1 12.08.2011 10 13.08.2011 8 14.08.2011 7 25

SELECT name,surname,project,
MAX(DECODE(C,1,dates)) dates,
MAX(DECODE(C,1,hours)) hours,
MAX(DECODE(C,2,dates)) dates,
MAX(DECODE(C,2,hours)) hours,
MAX(DECODE(C,3,dates)) dates,
MAX(DECODE(C,3,hours)) hours,
sum(hours) as Total
FROM (SELECT name,surname,project,dates,hours ,ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY project ORDER BY project) C FROM work ) GROUP BY name,surname,project

This work. But I need dynamically sql query because number of rows can be variable. Is it possible ? Thanks

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You can generate the sql dynamically. Look into the DBMS_SQL package. But each row needs to have the same number of columns.

Another way to do this is to return a nested table or vararray of dates and hours.

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