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PHP: running scheduled jobs (cron jobs)
How can I make my PHP script run at a certain time everyday?

I basically need a way to run a script that's going to check if someone has attended an event and at 12am, add the event to a user's events table. I can get that part no problem. I just need it to run every day at the end of the day or first thing in the morning (12am). It's going to be a php script. How can I make this run everyday at 12am?

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If you have access to the host you're running on and it's a UNIX-like machine, using cron would be your best bet.

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You can use a scheduler to run the script for you at the specified time. For example, if you're on Linux, you could use cron. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cron

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Make a cron job/scheduled task and start the php cli like "php.exe myscript.php" at 12am.

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Your best bet is a cron job. If you're on shared hosting, this is usually available by going to cPanel and selecting "Cron tasks" or something similar.

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See cron.

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Create a bash script and run it as a cronjob

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