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I have this table, that contains various products for a store. They each have an identifier, which is universal and distinct for every product, it is set by the manufacturer. But since I am getting the price lists from several wholesalers to get the lowest price possible, I have more than 1 row with the same identifier.

I would like to have a way to get the whole product list showing every product only once,but for the duplicate products show the lowest price possible. How to do this?

I thought of doing a SELECT on every product to check if it is the single on, but that would be inefficient. I have also thought about some array manipulations, but that too would add a lot of time.

Background info: I currently have about 30k products, which is planned to rise to about 100k soon.

A standard query for my product table looks like this:

SELECT productId,productIdentifier,productWholesaler,productPrice FROM `products` 

The productIdentifier is the part that has the same value for products from multiple wholesalers, but the productPrice is never the same for 2 duplicates.

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Try this:

SELECT productId, productIdentifier, productWholesaler, MIN(productPrice)  
FROM `products`
GROUP BY productId, productIdentifier, productWholesaler
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Thanks! This showed me the way! :) –  Janis Peisenieks Mar 14 '11 at 16:13

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