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I'd like to select products depending on several criteria from different attribute.

I know how to user $collection->addAttributeToFilter('someattribute', array('like' => '%'));

But I'd like to use several attribute for OR condition.


$collection->addAttributeToFilter('someattribute', array('like' => 'value'));`


$collection->addAttributeToFilter('otherattribute', array('like' => 'value'));`

To get products which either 'someattribute' OR 'otherattribute' set to 'value'

Is it possible?

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yes it is.

        array('attribute'=> 'someattribute','like' => 'value'),
        array('attribute'=> 'otherattribute','like' => 'value'),
        array('attribute'=> 'anotherattribute','like' => 'value'),

see also in Magento Wiki

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note that this syntax is not correct for addFieldToFilter, refer to stackoverflow.com/a/7851884/336905 for that syntax –  Jonathan Day Sep 2 '13 at 23:32

In case you wish to use the same thing for addFieldToFilter function for collections that are not using the EAV, then you can using the following format:

    array('like' => 'value'),
    array('like' => 'value'),
    array('like' => 'value'),
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