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I want to set up a connection pool and JDBC connection on EAR deployment so I do not have to set it up on each App Server I deploy to manually. What do I need to do? Is there an .xml file I can put this information into?

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If you are using a single GlassFish administration console to manage multiple application servers throughout your environment, those application servers can share a common configuration. If each deployed application server has its own administration console, you can write a script to call the CLI (asadmin) to create and configure the connection pools. Actually, you can use the CLI to configure a distributed deployment in the 1st use case, but you'll have to specify which configuration you are modifying. The CLI is good for automation.

Hopefully the following resources help:

John Clingan, GlassFish Group Product Manager

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Sorry to be so terse, but this may be what you are looking for

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