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I'm trying mongo db and I want to ask if it possible get only specific part of document?


   "name" : "MongoDB",
   "info" : {
               x : 203,
               y : 102

And I want only the content of info.

The nearest what I found is db.cellection.find({},{info:1 }) but this return me info: content and I want to return only content.

Is it possible? How?

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You could do

db.collection.find({},{'info.x':1, 'info.y':1})

but that means listing each and every item of the info object in the projection - which may or may not be what you're looking for.

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No, you cannot return just the values for x/y; even if you limit the fields the outer structure is still returned.

See Result Projections for more info.

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You can use distinct() function that resembles by following:

db.collection.distinct("info", {info : {$exists : true}})
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