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Imagine the situation:

In my rails model i use IceCube::Schedule to represent recurring calendar events pattern (e.g. "Every 2nd Monday of a month"). So i have 3 kinds of attributes in my model:

  • for computation: schedule
  • for storing: database column which stores schedule.to_yaml: schedule_yaml
  • for presenting: set of attributes, that are used for input/output of schedule parameters: interval_unit, interval_amount, weekdays etc

Depending on scenario, from one category of attributes computed the others:

  • Process input: presenting attributes -> computing -> storage
  • Processing invalid input: presenting -> validation
  • Preparing input form: storage -> computing -> presenting
  • Computing (next date in the sequence): storage -> computing -> storage

All the parts of the system are no-brainer, except for computing. Though they may need quite a lot of code to implement the updating of the related attributes properly properly.

Do you know some gem or at least some idioms to do that in an elegant way?

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Are you aware of

It handles presentation for IceCube backed models.

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