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Working on developing a facebook app that will primarily be used within the context of a tab page. For each person adding this app there should be a unique view of data that is shown specifically for their tab page. Is there a way to get a unique identifier per installation to key that off of?

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Of course it's possible. Facebook will send the page id in the signed_request (sounds unique enough? ;-) ):

When a user navigates to the Facebook Page, they will see your Page Tab added in the next available tab position. Broadly, a Page Tab is loaded in exactly the same way as a Canvas Page. When a user selects your Page Tab, you will received the signed_request parameter with one additional parameter, page. This parameter contains a JSON object with an id (the page id of the current page), admin (if the user is a admin of the page), and liked (if the user has liked the page). As with a Canvas Page, you will not receive all the user information accessible to your app in the signed_request until the user authorizes your app.


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