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Hi I made a human computer interface to control mouse using fingers using C++ and OpenCV in CodeBlocks IDE I want to use this in a 3D game like medal of honor

First I used SetCursorPos(x,y) it did not work so I switched to SendInput and mouse_event. They did work with a bug the character began pointing in all random directions and changing directions on its own.

Should I use directinput as the game uses directx. If so how? I have tried many tutorials but all speak about how to get data from mouse but not how to insert into the mouse stream I used both absolute and relative positioning but both failed the character is behaving odd

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Without seeing your code, this answer is a bit of a long shot, but here goes.

SendInput should work, but I think the game is interfering by using SetCursorPos itself. Many games reset the cursor to the centre of the screen each frame, so it doesn't hit the edge by accident.

Try using SendInput with relative mouse motion, so without the MOUSEEVENTF_ABSOLUTE flag in the MOUSEINPUT struct.

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Hi Thomas Thanx a ton your idea worked to some extent after removing MOUSEEVENT_ABSOULUTE flag charecter stopped moving randomly but the problem now is the pointer is always sitting at the extreme (x,y) position whatever maybe the values of X and Y :-( – ChinniKrishna Kothapalli Mar 16 '11 at 6:01
Hi Thanx a ton I corrected my code the bug was accidental multiplication tats it You really helped me Thanks once more – ChinniKrishna Kothapalli Mar 16 '11 at 7:35
You're welcome! Hit the green check mark then ;) – Thomas Mar 16 '11 at 16:42

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