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Is there any difference between calling event.stopImmediatePropagation() and return false inside an event handler ?

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Yes they are different.

return false is basically the same as calling both, event.stopPropagation() and event.preventDefault().

Whereas event.stopImmediatePropagation() is the same as event.stopPropagation() plus preventing other registered event handlers on the same element to be executed. So it does not prevent the default action for an event, such as following a clicked link.

In short:

                            stop   |    prevent     | prevent "same element"
                          bubbling | default action | event handlers

return false                 Yes           Yes             No
preventDefault               No            Yes             No
stopPropagation              Yes           No              No
stopImmediatePropagation     Yes           No              Yes

return false also works in "normal" JavaScript event handlers

event.stopPropagation() and event.preventDefault() also work in "normal" JavaScript event handlers (in a W3C compatible browser), whereas event.stopImmediatePropagation() is an extension from jQuery (update: apparently it is part of the DOM Level 3 Events specification).

Note: return false does not prevent the event from bubbling up in "normal" (non-jQuery) event handlers (see this answer)(but still prevents the default action).

Maybe worth reading:

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+1, can I say stopPropagation means stop bubbling - yes, prevent default - no, prevent same element handlers - no –  Arjun Mar 14 '11 at 19:06
@Arjun: Yes.... let me add this. –  Felix Kling Mar 14 '11 at 19:10
Really nice, thanks a lot.. –  Arjun Mar 14 '11 at 19:15
@Arjun: You're welcome :) –  Felix Kling Mar 14 '11 at 19:16
+1 for providing this great comparison table –  Adrien Be Apr 16 at 7:22

Returning false will stop event bubbling, but other bound events will fire. However stopImmediatePropagation prevents other bound events from firing and stops bubbling.

Code Example of this on jsfiddle.

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Yes. event.stopImmediatePropagation() won't let any other handlers for that event be called, regardless of where they are bound. Return false only stops handlers bound to other elements (ie not the same element as the event handler dealing with the stopImmediatePropagation() call) from receiving the event.

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