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Did anyone run into this error with weblogic 8.1 when trying to deploy an application?

[Deployer:149034]An exception occurred for task [Deployer:149026]Deploy application myApplication on myServer.: Delta :447 ErrorMessage :Unexpected Exception.

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it's been a long time since I last ran WebLogic 8.1. You realize, of course, that the current version is 10.3.1? (Or is it 11g - Oracle is so confusing with their release numbers.) And that WebLogic 8.1 is at least two years past its retirement date?

You're correct - that message is obscure. It's likely everyone has seen it and realized that they'd have to look elsewhere for the answer. Sounds to me like you have a deployment/packaging/configuration error. I'd look in the logs and the console for more details.

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