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Here is my code I borrowed from I don't know where, maybe here or codeguru or codeproject.

Anyway, I am wondering if I can just pass NULL as the last parameter in CreateNamedPipe or is the sa structure doing some type of security beyond NULL?

// Setup the named pipe with a security attribute so it is open to anyone that enquires.
InitializeSecurityDescriptor(&sd, SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR_REVISION);
SetSecurityDescriptorDacl(&sd, TRUE, (PACL) NULL, FALSE);
sa.nLength = (DWORD) sizeof(SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES);
sa.lpSecurityDescriptor = (LPVOID) &sd;
sa.bInheritHandle = TRUE;

    if (hPipe != INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) 

        if (ConnectNamedPipe(hPipe, NULL)) {
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If you pass NULL as the last parameter of CreateNamedPipe() then you get the default security descriptor for a named pipe.

Your sample code sets a NULL Discretionary Access Control List (DACL). This is dangerous because it allows full control to everyone. This means any other application could take ownership of your named pipe and/or change the access permissions on it.

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